Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Four Powerful Steps to a Love Affair With Your Life

The Theme for the month of September: Inspiration, Readiness , Attraction, Creativity and Devotion.
Goddess: Selene
Element: Earth

Welcome to September Moon Goddesses!
This month, September, we are supporting our inner Goddess Selene, the Goddess of the moon. Goddess Selene bestows all who gaze upon her with awe and wonder. The moon Goddess is seductive and alluring in the ways she inspires creation to behave. She reflects the light of the sun on her true love, Earth, while playfully and faithfully dancing around her with the luster of eternal youth. Together the earth and the moon are responsible for conceiving all life in the universe; a co-creative force. 
Supporting your inner Goddess Selene requires four powerful and feminine action steps you can take in order to create a love affair with your life and business. 

Each woman has a Goddess Selene dwelling within her. Women are intuitive light beings and embody the power of the earth and the moon, brining forth your inner Goddess Selene, and join in the co-creating a beautiful, peaceful and prosperous life. 

As we support our inner Goddess Selene we must look at the details of our second chakra known as the sacral or sexual chakra. It is located in the very centre of our reproductive core and is associated with all aspects of fertility, creativity, conception, sensuality, suduction
and devotion. Feel and appreciate the profound love from Earth and notice how she supports the desires of nature. September gifts us vibrant oranges to consume and admire. These colors heal and comfort the sacral chakra. Which is why most women adore the fall and its beauty, flavors and aromas. This is when all females in nature conceive more easily everything from new life to new ideas. We have the easiest time flowing joyfully through the autumn. It is enthralling that Selene and the moon are here to support us this month as she is the most powerful goddess to support us in our love affair with all of creation. 

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” Mahatma Gandhi

The magic and inspiration of every Goddess is within you, SHE IS YOU. Goddess Selene is a part of your collective conscious, she is in your DNA. You can apply the higher conscious of mythology to your life currently, by tapping into your inner Goddess Selene, tapping more deeply into your feminine power, and bringing forth your inner Goddess Selene, so that you have a love affair, passionately in love with your business, reveling in abundance, and living a life of financial wealth, and joy. 

Read on for the four steps you can take to activate this in you.

Goddess Selene is magnetically attractive, a creative seductress, radiating creativity, and devoted to a lifetime love affair with her life.

Selene is the embodiment of feminine power.

In order to be sensual, suductive, alluring, playful, furtile, and a creative Goddess having a love affair with your life here are four steps to ignite the moon Goddess in you…

1. Be Grounded
Be in your body by using all of your senses, feeling through your day with attention to detail. Choose to engage in activities that feel good. Sing, dance, eat delicious nutrients, nurture yourself, cry, laugh, smell invigorating aromas, drink delicious drinks. Revel and delight in the taste, feel, sounds, and scents of autumn. Notice the richness of all that feels good. Experience the fruitful, richness all around you.
2. Be Creative
To be abundant and freely flowing with creativity it is vital to passionately nurture and care for yourself. Getting plenty of rest, eating nutritious colorful fruits and vegetables, living in a clean organized environment with the scent of quality essential oils, flowing with nature, experiencing and flowing with the moon and the seasons by embracing Mother Earths colors and flavors and taking them into yourself, luxuriously, passionately feeling the abundance of her gifts.
3. Be Magnetic
The gravitational pull of the moon works in your favor if you chose to live and engage in the sensuality of the life you desire most. Pay close attention to the words you use, knowing you are in the co-creative process of your life at all times. Staying present, in the moment, and feeling your feelings, choosing the ones that support your deepest desires. The universe only says YES, and therefore ask only for the very best with your thoughts, words, and actions. The universe abundantly and enthusiastically provides abundance for your desires.
4. Be Devoted
Loyalty and commitment to yourself, your dreams, your self development, health and business, is a strong and firm message to the universe and vital to the co-creative process. Write yourself love notes, affirm your truths in the highest and best way. Know with every confirmation from the universe that your life is being co-created to be everything you desire, as sure as the moon is faithful and true; Sit back, relax and let her guide you.
As you create a love affair with your life through devotion, playfulness, sensuality, and fertility you will experience the abundance and magic of feminine power and living a life you can fully embody and enjoy. 

Dance with the moon Sista, and experience a love affair with your life!

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