Monday, August 1, 2016

August: Theme is Wisdom, Achievement, Masculine Energy, Career
* Goddess: Athena
* Crystal: Emerald
* Element: Wood

A perfect theme to support our Soulful Healing retreat coming up in just two weeks! The theme this month for August is in support of bringing forth our inner Goddess Athena. Wisdom, achievement, masculine energy, and career are the foundation for August and Goddess Athena. The magic and wisdom of Goddess Athena is dwelling within you! The sacred wisdom of women's intuition, the ambition and drive to have a successful business, the power to achieve your dreams, is within you now.

Tapping into your inner Goddess Athena requires five powerful and feminine action steps you can take In order to gracefully flow between masculine and feminine energy,  to have a successful business that supports your desires, and the wisdom to live with grace and ease so your life FEELS GOOD! Inspired by Goddess Athena, and the month of August.

In my mission as a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and Breakthrough Coach for Healers and Spiritual Women in business I believe that Goddess Athena plays the most important role in our lives. She is the Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, strategy, the arts, and skill. She is the companion of hero’s, and as healers and women who empower women it is our job to create space for our own clients to be the hero. When a woman is the hero in her life she is truly empowered. She has keen intuition and the wisdom to intuitively know what’s right, and what will lead her to a life she loves, with a business or career that supports all of her desires. 
Her masculine energy is in balance with her feminine energy. She intuitively uses the masculine within her and yet stands eloquently in her femininity. 

The magic and inspiration of every Goddess is within you, it IS YOU. What does the month of August, and the Mythological Goddess Athena have to teach us about ourself? What can we learn from this Goddess who inspired this month? How can we apply the higher conscious of mythology to our life currently?  How can we tap into our inner Athena Goddess, tap more deeply into our feminine power, and be the Goddess Athena in our own life, so that we are living a life that feels good, a business that brings us abundance, financial wealth, and joy? Read on for the five steps you can take to activate this in you.

Goddess Athena is a part of our collective conscious, she is in our DNA and our subconscious belief systems. We can tap into her energy and utilize her power to be the Goddess in our own life. We can actually reprogram beliefs, energy, and power to enhance our own wealth, and abundance now.

Athena is FIERCE, while still being compassionate, generous, and she has grace radiating within.

Athena is the embodiment of wisdom

In order to have keen intuition, wisdom, gracefully flow between masculine and feminine energy, be empowered and empower others one must do these five things:

1. BE FIERCE! A fierce woman is confident, she knows herself, she embraces her strengths and knows how to work with her weaknesses. 

2. IGNIGHT Your Passion! Passion supersedes all other vibrations, doubts, negative thoughts, or false beliefs. When your passion is ignited and you know what stand for, where you are going, and why you do what you do nothing can get in the way.

3. Say FUCK IT! Be unapologetic. I hear so many women using the word sorry, saying sorry for things they have no part in, or control over. You owe nobody an explanation. If you have truly wronged someone, apologize. Never say sorry though, use the word apologize. Totally different vibration, one is empowering, one is disempowering. 

4. Be the Embodiment of Grace. Grace is living with ease, being in gratitude, being polite, kindness, and love. Be this!

5. Be BRAVE! Being courageous, facing your challenges head on, this is what an empowered woman is all about.

As you bring forth your inner Goddess Athena you discover a wisdom within, you have keen intuition, your inner magnetic is activated and strong, people are drawn to you, your clients are empowered, your career and business thrive with grace and ease, and you absolutely love your life!


I believe all women have a power within them to be happy, passionate about their life, doing what they love every day, and creating space for those around them to be their own hero’s. 

An Empowered Woman naturally empowers others!

Goddess Athena is all about wisdom, power, and achievement! You have Goddess Athena within you! Tap into your inner Athena and allow the magic, Sista! 

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