Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Goddess Juno, and Your Role as Queen

The Theme for the month of June: Leadership, Female Roles, Regal Femininity (being Queen)
* Goddess: Juno
* Flower: Gerbera 
* Crystal: Imperial Topaz
* Element: Air

Juno is a regal Goddess, one of power, regal femininity and leadership. Each woman has Goddess Juno dwelling within her. She is the essence and spirit of truth, energy and love, the care giver. Each month we get to explore a new part of ourself by connecting with the Goddess of the month, activating the DNA of truth, energy and love from a powerful source, that is already within us, in our DNA, history and past life. 

Juno is known as the Goddess of marriage and women, mint and mothers. Goddess Juno is such an inspiration to me. She reminds me of the women in this world doing the great work of healing and empowering women. She reminds me of YOU, of us. She represents the female principle of life, the Goddess of abundance who answers the prayers of those in need. Her role as female comforter and protector, required her to look after the women. 

Isn’t that what modern day “healers” and spiritual women in business are doing? We are watching out for the women, answering the prayers of those in need, bringing comfort, healing, abundance, and empowerment to women. We are in essence the Queen of the Gods (Goddesses), as we tap into the energy of our Inner Goddess Juno we stand in our Regal Femininity. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess Juno requires six powerful and feminine action steps you can take In order to embrace your role as Queen, live in abundance, beauty, leadership, and a life that feels good! Inspired by Goddess Juno, and the month of June.

As we activate and bring forth Goddess Juno we begin to form a partnership and relationship with ourself that supports us in creating a life that reflects the power, gifts and genius of Goddess Juno. This energy we are brining forth is the energy of abundance, beauty, leadership, and our role as Queen in our own life that reflects our own beauty, wealth, leadership, and truth.

As we connect to our inner Goddess Juno, look beyond the negative myths associated with her story, (we can clear the false beliefs, leave out the parts that don’t feel good or resonate) and instead tap directly into her energy, her abundance, genius, love and power in a way that feels good and is empowering for you.

Bring forth the energy of Goddess Juno’s radiance of leadership, self-worth, abundance and heart centered commitment to women. As you bring forth your inner Juno feel into the connection of her greatness, aligning yourself with the grace of her support, to enhance, express, or strengthen your talents, gifts, and genius. As you begin to radiate and fully express the gifts and parts of you available to share with the world you will feel free to express and honor your true self, commit to your own peace, and self care, stand in your truth, just as Juno has done.

As we activate and bring forth our inner Goddess Juno we are in the feminine power of inspiration, wisdom, creativity, healing and leadership, this is our role as women, it’s regal and Queenly and it feels so good!

Here are six steps to take to bring forth your inner Goddess Juno and embracing your role as Queen: 

* Self Care:
          Take care of you, so you can bring forth into the world your gifts, talents, and genius that is unique and necessary.

* Be in your Feminine Power:
          Being soft in your heart, and aware of your feelings.

* Be the Leader in your life and business:
          Standing in your truth, aligning with your boundaries, and being true to yourself. It's all about independence. Let go of co-dependent habits, shining your own light, saying what you mean, knowing how you feel and sticking to your boundaries

* Do What Feels Good:
          A Queen has KEEN INTUITION. Listen because your inner Wise Juno speaks! She knows your truth, and when you align yourself with your truth and listen to your intuition, life feels good!

* Give Care:
          Giving care vs "care taking" is the ability to provide comfort, and support while empowering the person you are giving care to. This is done with boundaries after having first fully cared for yourself.
* Create Space that FEELS GOOD:
          Get ride of everything in your home or office that doesn’t bring you joy. Declutter, clear        out, and purge! The vibration of your space and how it makes you feel is vital to living a regal life and having the energy to be all that you desire.

As you activate this part of your DNA your desires, and intentions you will be activating a piece that has been there all along, your heart will expand and open, you will feel supported, passionate, free, and aligned! You will discover more creative ways to love yourself, stand in your genius, be attractive to your clients and in your relationships, have a voice that is heard, and shining your inner light out to the world, and radiating feminine power.

As we bring forth our inner Goddess Juno we bring forth our inner Queen! Click here to find out how you can activate your DNA and bring for the the abundance and leadership of Goddess Juno.

Step into your power, and REIGN!

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