Monday, May 9, 2016

The Power of Goddess Maia and the month of May

The Theme for the month of May:  Wealth, Fertility, Growth, Nutrients and Absorption.
* Goddess: Maia
* Flower: Peonies
* Crystal: Green Jasper
* Element: Earth

Maia is a powerful Goddess, one of action, creativity, complexity, and she personifies the powers of transformation, and magic. Each woman has Goddess Maia dwelling within her. She is the essence and spirit of your sensuality, sexuality, power and creativity. She is the life giver and The Mother Earth. She is springtime, warmth, increase, fertility, action, abundance, and wealth. All of the magic that the month of May represents. She is YOU.

Tapping into your inner Goddess Maia requires four powerful and feminine action steps you can take In order to live full present, fully in your power, abundance and creative energy for optimal beauty, magnificent love, unbridled passion, and a life that feels good! Inspired by Goddess Maia, and the month of May.

The magic and inspiration of every Goddess is within you, it IS YOU. What does the month of May, and the Mythological Goddess Maia have to teach us about ourself? What can we learn from this Goddess who inspired this month to be named after her? How can we apply the higher conscious of mythology to our life currently?  How can we tap into our inner Maia Goddess, tap more deeply into our feminine power, and be the Goddess Maia in our own life, so that we are living a life that feels good, a business that brings us abundance, financial wealth, and joy?

May, has always been my favorite month. Not only because it is my birthday month, because it is a month of beauty and energy. This is the month the flowers are blooming, the earth is turning green once again. The trees come alive and the earth speaks! I can FEEL the movement and the richness and it is lovely!

The month of may, named in honor of the mythological Goddess Maia, who is the goddess of spring, plants, and trees. She is THE Earth Goddess. The name “Maia” actually means “the maker”, and her being the Goddess of spring, she makes the grass green, the flowers fragrant, and everything grow again. May is astrologically the month of Taurus, an earth sign. The earth and the Goddess Maia both symbolizes youth, life, rebirth, love, and sexuality. In fact the star named after Maia is in the constellation Taurus, so she herself is a Taurus. Taurus women are earthy, nurturing, and sensual women. All of this is fitting for the month of may, and representative of the Goddess Maia.

Maia promotes growth… this also applies to the inner growth within you, your own personal development. Goddess Maia is a part of our collective conscious, she is in our DNA and our subconscious belief systems. We can tap into her energy and utilize her power to be the Goddess in our own life. (To learn more about DNA, and how to tap into the belief systems of higher conscious, morphogenetic field, you can join us for Basic DNA ThetaHealing Workshop.) We can actually reprogram the beliefs, energy, and power to enhance our own wealth, and abundance now. 

Maia is a Goddess of Action, and action is a feminine trait. To be in our Feminine energy is to be in action, to take action, to be in “inspired action”. You know how when a  woman wants something done she just goes right ahead and does it, she takes ACTION. This is a FEMININE trait. Action is being in feminine energy. 

What can we learn from Maia the Earth Goddess, the powerful Feminine creator of all that earth has to offer? It all starts with knowing that this all resides in you already. You can tap into this powerful energy just by being aware that YOU are the magic, the power, the wealth and abundance, the energy of all that is Maia. 

In order to live full present, fully in our power and abundance and creative energy that Maia represents one must do these four things:

  • Relinquish control. This means everything! We can take action with the knowing and trusting that the universe is conspiring on our behalf. She wants you to have all that you desire! Lean back, breath deep, let go. Release and allow.
  • TRUST!  Trust that your desires and intentions are being co-created with the higher powers. The universe only says YES! So be clear and direct in what you desire.
  • Take action! Movement is sexy! Action is a feminine energy, intention creates action, action is intentional movement. Action creates energy and then the vortex is created for all your desires. Women are VERY intentional beings, just be clear on your intentions and set them in a high vibration. 
  • Be SOFT! Softness is the epitome of femininity. It is the opposite of control, it is the creation of creativity, it is the sensuality of divinity.

Goddess Maia is all about movement, magic, and abundance! You have Goddess Maia within you! Tap into your inner Maia and allow the magic, Sista! 

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