Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Once in a blue moon

Hello Diamonds, 

How is your summer going? Are you enjoying the sunshine, warmth, and adventure that summer offers? Today, I sit here in the lounge chair, enjoying the third phase of The Gypsy Tour, at our camping site in McCloud California, watching this bumble bee flit about the unlit campfire, listening to the woodpecker yelling at me, and my little dog Welington looking at me longingly to give him another treat. I can hear the sound of the creek down below, and faint giggles in the wind of the children enjoying the water falls. It is warm today, and the breeze bringing the awareness that life is full of joy, and comfort, and luxury. The smell of fresh pine air, and the site of my pedicure already ruined from the rocks in the creek, reminds me that luxury is so much more I ever imagined. 

In my business I teach women how to live luxuriously through business success and we achieve that through deep transformation, personal growth and development. The most awesome and intense part of transformation is the ability to understand connectivity. As a survivor of childhood trauma and domestic abuse I spent most of my life in a heightened state of survival, enhanced by toxic shame, and the inability to believe in myself. This is something I notice as a commonality amongst other survivors of trauma. When we are in a state of survival, most of us extreme sensitives, we are unable to connect, truly deeply, and spiritually connect to the small joys in life. This keeps us from loving ourselves, from experiencing the luxuries of living, and it creates a disconnect with money and finances. As we begin the transformation in my program we begin to clear the trauma, and the most magical things happen, these women are like flowers, they begin to rise toward the sun, open up, bloom, and they begin to experience connectivity. As they connect to the essence of their true selves, they are then able to embrace their imperfections, believe in themselves, their gifts, and to the pleasures and luxuries of life. This is the essence of magic, love, and experiencing life the way it is meant to be experienced. And that my darlings, is luxurious!

Yesterday we happened upon the headwaters of the upper Sacramento River, at the base of spring hill in Mt. Shasta. This base chakra of the world is more magical than I anticipated, the energy and vortex of this mystical and magical location brings healing, and balance to the people drawn to it. I was in awe as I watched the most beautiful woman in her bare feet and sundress sit on a rock deep in meditation, one man with dreadlocks, tattoos and a rough exterior helped a little old lady across the stream so she could have a better experience with the water. I watched two strangers connect, acknowledge each other for the power of their being and embrace in gratitude. I watched in awe as my nephew, brave, ambitious, and adventurous, climb the rocks, wade through the ice cold water in his bare feet, and pour water on me to bring laughter and play and fun to our day. I witness the joy in the people, I can feel the pain of some, and I can admire the wondering spirit of the guy traveling from San Diego to Washington for his sisters wedding. I’m in admiration of the diverse, deep, differences in each person, and the joy and adventure in the children. I recognize my ability to be connected, to feel the joy and experience before me, and I am deeply grateful for healing.

This weekend happens to be the blue moon. The saying about once in a blue moon, well we won't have another blue moon until 2018. This one happens to be extra magical and powerful, and setting the tone for transformation, and doing it, now or never is the saying for this blue moon. Jump in, take the leap, allow, and feel the gifts the universe has in store for you, all the new possibilities, the big picture is yours if you take that leap. How exciting is this intensity, these promises from the universe? Your transition is now or never! So ask yourself, where in your life are you neglecting your inner truth. As you ask yourself where you may be neglecting things in your life, what you may be avoiding because of fear, or pain, or lack of skill or knowledge, know that this is the area where the most amazing aspect of ones life can be blocked because it is so terrifying. The great thing is that it's ok, where ones fear lies, is where their greatness lies. If it doesn't scare you, even a little, then it isn't going to be huge, or one of those "once in a lifetime" types of things. This is your time to break through, this is your opportunity to change your life for the best! Now that the blue moon has passed, pay close attention to what shows up. How are you feeling, what miracles have arrived for you? Isn't life incredible!?!

Now in bounds my excited nephew, “Aunt Ditti, Aunt Ditti, look! We got fish! We caught fish!”.  Here is a picture of them approaching, so excited for his catch and his adventure. I leave you with gratitude, and love and will be catching you up on the symbolic reflections of this full blue-moon weekend, the bumble bee sting from the headwater spring, and the loud woodpecker with a message for us all. Until then, soak up the sun, talk to a stranger, and experience an adventure. Create your own Gypsy tour, and leave a message to share with all of us Sassy CEO’s!

Your Hippie Gypsy Traveling Queen

P.S. Let's meet up for a picnic to celebrate life, a healing session, or a Sassy Biz Jam session along my route. Leave a comment and let's connect!

All of the fun, crazy, vulnerable moments along the way will be documented and I will be sharing with you in this blog entries from my Gypsy Tour Diary, news on events, and all the adventure there is to be had, will be shared with you. This Tour is about bringing awareness to Survivors of childhood trauma, and domestic abuse. I will be speaking on this topic in each city, and at the retreats. If you are interested in healing your trauma and becoming a Sassy Six Figure CEO, leave me a comment and let's talk, I can help!

Sassy CEO's Gypsy Tour began on June 10th, we are rollin with all that FEELS good. We will keep you posted on the travels, journey, and all things Hippy Gypsy Chic. There will be stops along the way to meet up with Sassy CEO's from across the nation, workshops, healing, and teaching! Join us! 

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