Monday, October 10, 2016

Five Powerful Steps to Exploring The Dark and Unveiling Your Truest Self

The Theme for the month of October: Transformation, Inspiration, Truth and Wisdom.
Goddess: Hecate
Stone/Crystal: Moonstone

Welcome to October and the Magic of the Dark!

Goddess Hecate is a magical moon goddess of dark, light and transformation. As women we each have our own magical aspects of our personality, gifts, talents, desires and dreams which makes us unique in our own way. As we shed more and more of our false self, negative programing and beliefs that no longer serve us we can step fully into our power, true self and live a life we LOVE with confidence, high self-esteem, and abundance. Our inner Goddess Hecate can support us in our transformation. We can activate Goddess Hecate from within our higher consciousness, and DNA, we can be fully supported in our most truthful life. 

Tapping into your inner Goddess Hecate requires five powerful and feminine action steps you can take in order to shed your false self, step fully into your power and true self, and live a life of high self-esteem, confidence and the abundance to live your fullest potential. Inspired by Goddess Hecate, and the month of October.

This magical Goddess that is dwelling within each of us can support us as we enter the darkness of our emotions, false self, and deep dark depths of self discovery. Hecate represents all faces of women, and because the darkness is often the most revered she carries a light, a torch to guide the way so you never get consumed by the darkness, you stay on your path to enlightenment and self discovery and truth. She is your source for inspiration, magic, and inner wisdom.

This multifaceted Goddess represents all faces of women, in mythology she is depicted with three heads or three hands. This is symbolic for the ability women have within to see the past, present and future, seeing in different directions at once. The ability to see what others cannot provided Goddess Hecate incredible power, which all women can activate within themselves, called women’s intuition. This ability gives us the wisdom to understand our transformation, to understand and experience the process of the death of the false self and the birth of your highest and best true self. We must become comfortable with our dark side, and allow the light within to guide us to truth. Goddess Hecate can lead us to new perspectives, to see things and ourselves differently. To help us find greater understanding of self, life and others.

Hecate promotes inspiration and wisdom. Goddess Hecate is a part of our collective conscious, she is in our DNA and our subconscious belief systems. We can tap into her energy and utilize her power to be the Goddess in our own life. (To learn more about DNA, and how to tap into the belief systems of higher conscious, morphogenetic field, you can join us for Basic DNA ThetaHealing Workshop.) We can actually reprogram the beliefs, energy, and power to enhance our own wealth, and abundance now. 

The wisdom of Goddess Hecate already resides within you, within your subconscious mind, DNA and Universal Consciousness. You can tap into this powerful energy just by being aware that YOU are the magic, the power, the abundance, wisdom and energy of all that is Hecate.

Bringing forth your inner Goddess Hecate allows you to shine your truth. You become luminous and magnetic.

In order to shed your false self, step fully into your power and true self, and live a life of high self-esteem, confidence and the abundance to live your fullest potential that Hecate represents and supports one must do these five things:

* Get comfortable with the dark
Self discovery is safe, enlightening, empowering and transformative. Allow yourself to explore the deep, dark, depths of your being.

* Choose
Know that Goddess Hecate supports you in overcoming restrictions, and obstacles you may encounter, she protects you through your devotion to self discovery and your inner wisdom.

* Surrender
Let go, breath deep and release all that no longer serves you.
Goddess Hecate encourages change, she supports you to release the past, especially those things that are keeping you from living your full truth, and to surrender to the transformation. Let go of the familiar, safe, and secure and explore the deep, dark unknown aspects of yourself.

* Trust Yourself
Personal growth, and self-development isn’t always easy, it can be lonely, dark, and emotional. Goddess Hecate is there, dwelling within you to support you, and light the way. She grants you site and wisdom so you can see what lies deeply forgotten or even hidden, and helps you make a choice and find and discover your path, and your truth.

When you you are confronted with decisions and choices on your path in life, know that you have Goddess Hecate within you, as part of you to show you the way. She is already there within you. Trust her, trust yourself.

* Dream Big
Pursue your desires with great passion. You can always call forth inspiration by tapping into your inner Goddess Hecate. She is happy to support you, empower you and guide you with her magic and light.

Goddess Hecate is all about self discovery, magic, and wisdom. You have Goddess Hecate within you. Tap into your inner Hecate and allow the magic, Sista!

You are Goddess: Radiant, and Illuminating! 

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